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Anaphylactic Future Shock
November 6, 2012, 12:11 am
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Today Steven asked if we could go out for dinner as a family. Emerie will surely have a major reaction if we go out a let her eat whatever is available. Even if I am very careful about selecting her meal to exclude known triggers, there are most certainly preservatives in the cooking oils and hidden artificials like MSG, disguised as a “natural flavor” or “yeast.”

I am tired. I would like nothing more than to go out and indulge a bit in not cooking a fabulous dinner that Em will reject and complain about anyway. So, I am caught between trading a night’s relaxation for at least 2 days of absolute chaos (maybe more), or saying ‘no’ to the offer and spending another tiresome evening trying to make my children eat, facing the next few days with only the usual amount of low level reaction but with the added burden of not having gotten the break I need.

I rarely get a break. I have waited far too long in finding a mama’s group I can get along with. I submitted a request to join one called “the laid back mamas.” But that does nothing to help me today.

I could decide to go out and also decide to breath deeply when the reaction kicks in. I could decide to nurture myself better so that I am better able to nurture my daughter. After her salt bath, I could take one then go right to bed. When she wakes up screaming, I can crawl in next to her, hold her and just sleep together for the rest of the night.

This is a good plan. It is so damn hard to have to live in isolation from the world around. This is our toxic inheritance from the industrial revolution. The future has arrived, but surprise! we are allergic to it.




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Dharm this is beautiful!!! I love you dearly and can say without a doubt you are the most amazing mother I know. I’m so grateful and blessed to have you.


Comment by ashley evers

Aw, thank you so much Ash. It was so nice to see your comment and feel the appreciation. Ours is not quite a thankless job, it just takes 30 years!

p.s. You are an awesome mother too.


Comment by dharmajam

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